Introduction to Studio Lighting Class
For all of us shooting in a studio for the first time, getting the most out of the studio lights is always a bit intimidating. There seem to be so many lights, an infinite way of placing them, and so many camera settings to think about. But in reality studio lighting is actually quite simple when you break it down into individual components, and Danny has been conducting his Introduction to Studio Lighting class to rave reviews for many years, and we have watched our students evolve and become masters of lighting, Whether your photographic interest is headshots and portraiture, fitness imagery, glamour or fashion modeling, Danny can tailor the class to suit your individual interests and needs. This class is conducted in our studio and included in the class is

• Three hours of personal one-on-one instruction
• A stunningly beautiful model
• A makeup artist

While your model is getting her makeup done, Danny will advise you on all your camera settings, including ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture and White balance.

He will also give you an introduction to the strobe lights you will be using, and how the lights can be setup for Main, Fill, Rim, Hair and Background, as well an explanation of the various light modifiers, flags, scrims and more.

He will explain how to balance the main and fill lights, depending on the subject you are shooting, and how to use the light modifiers to create the lighting style that best suits the subject. Then introduce rim and hair lighting to emphasize elements, and how to confirm exposures using your camera’s histogram.

The course is fun and relaxing and you are guaranteed to end up with some amazing shots for your portfolio. Take a look at the images in the gallery below to see what stunning shots we have captured during our introduction to Studio Lighting Classes.

Note:- you can supply your own model and additional models can be requested for an additional fee.

Introduction to Studio Lighting Class Reviews

“Thanks, Danny, for your encouragement and input. Some technical deficiencies came to light, during the shoot, which is exactly what I had hoped for. I know that's how I learn. My learning curve steepened, considerably. I got some really incredible images from the session. Way more than I thought I would come away with. I am so glad I did this session first as it made me able to forget about the settings and concentrate on the composition. Thanks, again, Danny.”


“Danny ......... What a treat working with you, and our model Rachael, on my recent photo shoot. It was obvious to me that you had instructed many times in the past as your instructional style was clear and well thought out. My friends didn't believe I had taken the photos until they saw a few shots your assistant took of us all engaged in the shoot – great idea BTW. Having worked with many technical professionals, I can state that you made my instruction well worth every penny.
Anil Sethi

“Danny... Thank you for one of the most rewarding days of my photography life. I asked you to help me learn digital and lighting and now, after your lesson, I just don't want to shoot a subject without the proper lighting, you truly made me think before I shoot. I used to think a picture is a picture and that I could never create what exists in the magazines. You proved me wrong (somewhat) are fabulous
Tommy Kulpa

“Danny………. I want to thank you, Kim and your entire team for presenting such a thorough and fast paced class.  The experience was incredible. I learned more in one day with you than I could have ever imagined. You presented concepts clearly and concisely, allowing me time to experiment and correct my techniques in the field. I came away from this experience with a greater appreciation for the art of studio lighting techniques. I was also impressed with the care and friendship that you and Kim extend to your staff and models. Well done! I plan to come back once I have absorbed all of the information you provided during our time together.”
Wayne Smith

“Danny, I thank you for a most beneficial and pleasant morning of learning by doing some really special photography under your watchful eye. Everyone’s warmth, friendliness and helpfulness were “above and beyond.” Your teaching technique – explaining, demonstrating, showing and constantly giving feedback – is a gift that is excellent as is your eye for beauty and detail. I really did get some wonderful shots! Your class is one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had – and I’ve been “around the block” a few times.”