Photography Studio Rental


Our stunning Photographic Studio is available for rent to professional and amateur photographers as well as videographers. If you need a space to shoot your products or models, then give us a call. We are professional, respectful and discrete.

Call 1-800- 816-2693 or 954-351-8884 for pricing and availability, or email us at

Reasons To Rent Our Fort Lauderdale Photography Studio
If you are a professional photographer and have rented a photographic studio in Miami, you know what you have to deal with every day; miserable, frustrating, time-consuming traffic, nonexistent parking, that struggle to get your wardrobe, props and equipment into the studio, absurdly expensive hotels and restaurants, and that's just the start of it all. No wonder you feel so drained and ripped-off.

It’s time to move your commercial shoots to Fort Lauderdale, saving yourself a ton of time and money in the process. You'll feel calmer, energized and way more creative. Take a look at our studio and see what it has to offer....

  • No traffic hassles - avoid losing an hour each way in bumper to bumper traffic
  • FREE Off-street parking outside the studio, easy access and large doors for fast simple loading and unloading of your props and equipment
  • Stunning reception facilities, great kitchen and makeup facilities, plus all the standard amenities in our super clean studio
  • Close to inexpensive hi-end hotels, restaurants, as well as both the Fort Lauderdale International and Executive Airports, and the beach
  • Friendly, professional staff ready to help and make your stay a pleasure.
  • And all of this and a great price too!

Photography Studio Description
Our studio is spotless, well designed and features

  • Attractive entry, stunning lobby and offices
  • 1,700 sqft of open shooting space
  • Full Size roller door for large item entry
  • Off-street loading and unloading
  • Modern clean kitchen
  • Makeup and hair station for 4 models

Attractive Studio Rental Rates
You can rent our photographic studios by the hour, half day or full day, or longer as needed. You can rent either the studio space on its own, or you can rent the studio with different photographic equipment packages included as well. We are always interested in establishing ongoing studio rentals with our clients so you will find our prices very attractive, especially for repeat business.

We offer very compelling discounted studio rental rates to certain clients - please call 954-351-8884 for studio rental rates. Studio availability is subject to prior rental and bookings.

Click here to view the Photography Studio layout and floor plan

Studio Rental Discounts
We are happy to offer discounts to our loyal repeat customers and to our photography class and workshop students. Please call our studio manager for details. Call 954-351-8884 or email us at

Basic Studio Rental Equipment Included The following equipment is included at no charge with studio rental: Use of Makeup and Hair Station, Kitchen, 8-foot ladder, 3-foot ladder, electrical power, large fan, rolling garment rack, assorted clamps, 4 round-top makeup stools, 4 directors chairs. Assorted hand tools available upon request. Renter is responsible for damage to and/or loss of any and all Basic Equipment in the studio as well as any property damage incurred while renting.

Call 1-800-816-2693 or 954-351-8884 for pricing and availability, or email us at

Studio Equipment for Rent Our photographic equipment is also available to rent. You can rent it all for a flat rate or choose items ala-carte

  • Alien-Bees Studio Flash System – 8 x 600 w/s heads totaling 4800 Watt Seconds of power
  • ARRI Professional Tungsten continuous lighting system - 8 heads varying from 150W to 1000W
  • Large variety of soft boxes in various sizes and shapes including square, rectangular and octagonal
  • Large variety of light modifiers including scrims, honeycombs, gels, barn doors, snoots, reflectors, bounce cards etc.
  • Light Stands, booms, background stands
  • Background paper and drapes
  • Props, furniture, posing chairs and tables
Call 1-800-816-2693 or 954-351-8884 for pricing and availability, or email us at