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While your portfolio has the opportunity to wow the casting director with your range of looks, its your Compcard that you leave with him after the casting, so it is vital that your compcard is recent, shows great, and showcases you at your best, as it is the only permanent reminder that they will have after you leave.

A Compcard is a card with one or more pictures on it, with your name, contact information and vital statistics: Height, weight, hair and eye color, bust, waist, hips and dress size. It’s called a compcard because it normally comprises several images in a composition (composite). Very often your compcard will have a headshot on the front and several different looks on the back. You can have a one-side or two-sided Compcard. The size of the compcard can vary but is typically in the 6"x9" range.

For your compcard you should book a photography session to shoot headshots and body shots in several different looks (very similar to your portfolio). Do as many different looks as you can afford, and don’t be shy to experiment. Often a photographer will see something in you that you did not know was there. Take their direction – trust your photographers eye! The idea is to showcase your talent and looks in 3 to 5 images, so it is vital that you show your range of looks.

We can also design and print your compards, please call studio for pricing.

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